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for which I have to replace all numbers with a text tag 'NUMBER'. but there is a certain condition it shouldn't be changed, when ever a number exists with an underscore in it .. (e.g 123_456). I am using


but it changes the likes of 123_456 to NUMBER_NUMBER. Is there a way to exclude it? The [^xyz] pattern might not work, as it negates a single character at a time (this is my understanding). Any ideas ? Input file sample is: The last number shouldn't be changed.

received for code:3
received for code:1
received for code:9
received for code:33
received for code:4
received for code:323_456
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You can use word boundaries to avoid matching digits that are followed by a underscore:

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Sorry but there are other fields which can have enteries like ... =4521 or :12. Would boundary work on them as well ? it might not only be preceding space always. – Muz May 12 '14 at 21:26
@user3195304 \b marks boundaries between 'words' in regex. 'word' characters include letters, digits, and underscores. As long as you don't have something like foo123 that you want to match, this should work. – p.s.w.g May 12 '14 at 21:28

Match only groups of digits that don't have a _ before or after:


Note that \d isn't usually what people want, since it can match many more characters that are characterized as digits than just 0-9. (Though the /a flag does make it mean just 0-9.)

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