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Normally this should work

package ia32-libs do
  action :install

... but I am getting that the package is no longer present in Ubuntu 12.04 repositories for a 64bit system.

So I found this thread on AskUbuntu that suggest to append :i386 to the package name.

package "ia32-libs:i386" do
  action :install

... but ia32-libs:i386 has no candidate in the apt-cache

any suggestions?

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You're right the package is no longer available in the repositories. The suggestion was made but it was not meant to be to use with the ia32-libs package. For example if you wan't to install the 32 bit version of vlc, the package name would look like this vlc:i386. In your case you should append the :i386 part at the end of the package which you would like to install (you don't need the ia32-libs to do that).

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