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I send a POST request with body to an api proxy. From the Edge Trace, I see the body got 'eaten' or 'disappeared' as it entered the api proxy.

This only happens to specific api proxy.

Any idea what's the cause and any know fix?


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Welcome to Stack Overflow. In order for us to help you, we need more information. In particular, it's not so clear what it means for a body to disappear, to be honest. Maybe you could try a dump of the output, together with an estimation of how the output should be. –  Nicolas78 May 12 '14 at 23:02

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I'm guessing you have an AssignMessage Policy in the flow that includes something like this:

   <Verb />

If you Set the Verb to nothing, you end up with a 405 error on the backend because you Set the Verb to Null.

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