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I have had great success using gam to model seasonality for time series data. My latest model clearly shows a weekly pattern in addition to seasonal changes. While the weekly pattern itself is very stable over the year, its amplitude also varies with the seasons. So ideally I would like to model my data as:

y ~ f(day in year) + g(day in year) * h(day in week)

where f, g, and h are cyclical functions or in mgcv

  y ~ s(day_in_year, k=52, bs='cc') 
  + s(day_in_year, k=52, bs='cc'):s(day_in_week, k=5, bs='cc')
  , knots=list(
    day_in_year=c(0, 356)
    , day_in_week=c(0,7)
  , data = data

Unfortunately this doesn't work and throws back the error NA/NaN argument. I tried using te(day_in_year, day_in_week, k=c(52, 5), bs='cc') which works, but introduces too many degrees of freedom as the model overfits holidays which fall on specific weekdays within the short number of available years.

Is it possible to specify a model the way I am trying to do?

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