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I am trying to convert my notebook to html from the file menu (nice feature added in 2.0), but when I do this I get a 500 : Internal Server Error screen with the text:

nbconvert failed: Pandoc wasn't found.
Please check that pandoc is installed:

I've installed Pandoc from the link using the windows installer but keep getting the same error. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Where do I need to put the Pandoc folder or pandoc.exe that I just downloaded to make this work?

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you probably need to add pandoc to the windows search path. See e.g. stackoverflow.com/questions/3701646/… –  xmojmr May 13 '14 at 8:48

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From the Windows Start Menu, in the search box type "Edit the system environment variables", then select the underlined link matching that query from the pop-up dialog, that should open a System Properties dialog box that you can use to Edit the Path sytem environment variable. Add the path to pandoc.exe to the Path system variable using the environment variable editor as detailed in How to add to the pythonpath in windows 7?. For my Windows 7 environment, I added ";C:\Users\IBM_ADMIN\AppData\Local\Pandoc" to the end of the already defined Path System Variable which you should be able to select from the lower "System variables" dialog and then click Edit... to modify. Append the path to pandoc.exe, then click OK. You will need to restart your ipython notebook session in a newly opened Windows command prompt so you will pick up the system environment variable change. To confirm that your change to the Path system environment variable is correct, type "set" at the prompt in your newly opened command shell and examine the value for the Path env var.

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