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What is the newline character used in Wikimedia projects formatting?

Because there is no undo, redo, or easy/fast save mechanism, I wrote a Wikimedia page in a normal text editor. Unfortunately, when I pasted it to my Wikimedia entry, all the new lines are gone.

I have tried using \n, \r, \n\r, \n\n, \r\r, \n\r\n\r, <br>, and <p></p> as my line breaks. However, none of them work. In the case of my \n, \r variations, nothing happens. In the case of the html tags, I get line breaks, but none of the other formatting works.

What is going on here? How do I fix this?

EDIT: I have also tried \r\n.

Addendum: Text recovery now works for me, after upgrading to 1.24.

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Looks like you tried everything but the right one... \r\n should be the newline you seek, however I don't know how wikimedia does it. – Niet the Dark Absol May 12 '14 at 23:48
If you mean MediaWiki markup, this Wikipedia article describes it. – that other guy May 12 '14 at 23:53
@NiettheDarkAbsol Sorry, tried \r\n too but forgot to include it. It didn't work. – MirroredFate May 14 '14 at 22:01

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Sob, please don't make newlines manually. If you really need to use a local text editor, save text in UTF-8 encoding, UNIX newlines (\n), and use that.

Moving stuff around manually is not ideal either, especially as you will have to guess the markup because you can't have local parsing. It's going to be a pain. Use proper software, i.e. LibreOffice, and use the wiki-publisher tool which handles markup conversion automatically (as well as publishing via API if you wish).

P.s.: In all my browsers, undo, redo and text recovery work perfectly in MediaWiki's editor. Try using a modern browser.

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I was using 1.19 at the time, and text recovery didn't work. After upgrading to 1.24, text recovery works. – MirroredFate Apr 28 at 17:43
@MirroredFate, better so then. I don't remember ever having this problem with Firefox in the last several years, but maybe you experienced an upgrade mismatch between browser and wiki. – Nemo Apr 28 at 20:04

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