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I want to write a quick server app in Sinatra. It has to be self-contained (i.e. not use apache/nginx/passenger) but also has to support SSL.

Is there an easy way to enable SSL support for Sinatra (using WEBRick for example)?

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To do this with MRI ruby, use the following monkeypatch:


require 'webrick/https'

module Sinatra
  class Application
    def self.run!
      certificate_content = File.open(ssl_certificate).read
      key_content = File.open(ssl_key).read

      server_options = {
        :Host => bind,
        :Port => port,
        :SSLEnable => true,
        :SSLCertificate => OpenSSL::X509::Certificate.new(certificate_content),
        :SSLPrivateKey => OpenSSL::PKey::RSA.new(key_content)

      Rack::Handler::WEBrick.run self, server_options do |server|
        [:INT, :TERM].each { |sig| trap(sig) { server.stop } }
        server.threaded = settings.threaded if server.respond_to? :threaded=
        set :running, true

Then, in your standalone application:


require 'sinatra'
require 'sinatra_ssl'

set :port, 8443
set :ssl_certificate, "server.crt"
set :ssl_key, "server.key"

get "/" do
  "Hello world!"
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Please make sure to add require "webrick/https" as well to the list of required gem for sinatra_ssl.rb. Works fine otherwise! –  sybohy Jul 24 '13 at 22:00
Good catch, fixed. –  Jacob Jun 5 '14 at 20:27

Use JRuby interpreter + jetty-rackup gem (http://github.com/geekq/jetty-rackup) Edit jetty-rackup file in the jetty-rackup gem and add a SslSocketConnector, some code to help you:

    security_connector = Jetty::Security::SslSocketConnector.new
    security_connector.port = config[:port]
    security_connector.confidential_port = config[:port]
    security_connector.keystore = keystore
    security_connector.password = config[:password]
    security_connector.key_password = config[:key_password].nil? ? config[:password] : config[:key_password]
    security_connector.truststore = truststore
    security_connector.trust_password = config[:trust_pasword].nil? ? config[:password] : config[:trust_pasword]

Sample config:

# Config
:acceptor_size: 10
:ssl: true
:keystore: keystore.jks
:password: your_pass
# :key_password: your_pass # if different
# :truststore: truststore.jks # if different
# :trust_pasword: your_pass # if different

Generating keystore.jks : http://docs.codehaus.org/display/JETTY/How+to+configure+SSL

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