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Say I have a WPF XAML code as below

       <!--2 Columns are defined-->

     <Button x:Name="button" Grid.Column="1"/>
     <ListBox x:Name="listBox" Grid.Column="2"/>


Now, each listboxitems are bound to an object of a class with a member named "Status". Whenever an item is selected, Status becomes "0". If un-selected status becomes "1".

Now, my question is, how do I disable/enable the button (in XAML)whenever any of the items "Status" becomes "0" or "1" respectively. Is there a way to do this via DataTriggers


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That depends on where this code is. If it is inside a DataTemplate or ControlTemplate you can use a DataTrigger. If not (or even if it is), you should be able to get the same effect with a direct binding. In either case you can use the same basic method. If you create an IValueConverter that takes in listBox's items (collection of your data objects) and outputs a boolean based on the Status values you can use that to bind button's IsEnabled, or check the value in a DataTrigger and disable as needed.

If you're referring to ListBox selection when you say selected/un-selected then the you don't even need to look at the Status values themselves. If you're inside a template (can use Triggers) you could also just check whether listBox has any selected items:

<DataTrigger Binding="{Binding ElementName=listBox, Path=SelectedItems.Count}" Value="0">
    <Setter TargetName="button" Property="IsEnabled" Value="False" />
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The problem is I cannot use the SelectedItems.Count property. The reason is, In my case, The listBox datatemplate provides a ToggleButton for Select/Unselect feature (Which Listbox selection does not provide). The toggle button is bound to "Status" So, Is there a way to to access a sibling element(in this case button) from the datatemplate section of the ListBox via DataTrigger? And a question about using valueconverter. Did you mean to set the Datacontext of the button to listbox.Items and Bind it along with a converter? – SysAdmin Mar 2 '10 at 16:02

Could you use the Selection_Changed event handler?

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Just be sure to make a corresponding trigger for enabling the button when value is 1. Ardman, you can use the Selection_Changed event handler, but I always try to do as much as possible in the XAML and keep UI alterations out of the code behind. Sometimes it works, every now and then it does not.


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