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I'm using macvim on Mac OSX and I found macvim doesn't provide shortcut for show/hide it self. Any suggestion for this?

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Is that a Mavericks thing? It's supposed to have the regular ⌘H shortcut like "every" other Mac OS X application. –  romainl May 13 at 6:43
@romainl Yeah. But ⌘H could only hide this app. –  hilojack May 13 at 9:35
Well, that's the point of ⌘H, hiding the current app. Does it do thta or not? What do you want exactly? A global shortcut? –  romainl May 13 at 9:46
@romainl I want to get back to macvim as quick as possible no matter what window I focus in. Without this hotkey for macvim, I have to hit Cmd+Tab for many times(it is not effciency enough if I have many apps opened) –  hilojack May 13 at 10:41
What about asking for what you need, then: how to create a global shortcut for a Mac OS X application. Or better, use google. FWIW, your question has nothing to do with Vim or MacVim, it's a very generic Mac OS X question with a very generic Mac OS X answer. –  romainl May 13 at 11:59

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I'd recommend using macvim within a terminal like iterm2 which provides a hot key to show / hide it. You can run macvim within a terminal using mvim -v.

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It has some mapping problems with <D-char>. Refer to: apple.stackexchange.com/questions/130730/… –  hilojack May 14 at 15:56
That's really a small price to pay for the benefits you get by being within a terminal –  Dhruva Sagar May 15 at 2:22

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