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use Regexp::Common qw( comment );
local $/ = undef;
$_ = <DATA>;

I have read complete file data and removed all comments from the read file. Now I want to print line by line instead of printing all data at once.

as per my understanding complete file data is in string $_. How to convert it into a array so that I can print it line by line.

If the file data is in array I can do some string matching like that

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my @filecontents = split /\n/; # assuming the data is in $_
print "$_\n" foreach (@filecontents);

Hope that helps

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You can split your string at newline, and output the result list one by one.

foreach my $line (split /\n/) {
    print "$line\n";


say for (split /\n/);

If your Perl supports say.

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