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I can't get my regex to work as desired in my Python 3 code.

I am trying to parse a file find a specific pattern (the exact pattern is Total Optimized)

I am doing this because the file can contain lines which say """Total Optimization (Active)""" and other permutations. I have tried the following lines. None work

PkOp = re.compile(r'Total Optimized\t\d')
PkOp = re.compile(r'Total Optimized\t\d')
PkOp = re.compile(r'Total Optimized\t[^(Active)]')

My basic code (which is simplified here) to just print the matching line out. If I got that working I would then choose the array item I wanted such as

PkOp = PkOpArray[4]

App = re.compile(r'Appliance\s(Active)')
PkOp = re.compile(r"Total Optimized\t\d")
with open("SteelheadMetric2.txt","r") as f:
    with open("mydumbfile.txt","w") as o:
       for line in f:
          line = line.lstrip()
          matches = PkOp.findall(line)
          for firestick in matches:
                 PkOpArray = line.split()
                 PkOp = PkOpArray

Mostly I get this error

matches = PkOp.findall(line)
AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'findall'

If I remove the slash characters I can get it to show lines with 'Total Optimization' or 'Appliance' whatever. I just can't be more specific in what I want.

What am I missing? It works fine if I just compile a text string but to use special regex like whitespace, tab digit it fails. The regex checks out in notepad++

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When you write PkOp = PkOpArray you have just changed your regex into a list. –  merlin2011 May 13 '14 at 4:48
First thing to try is probably to delete that line, and change your print to print(PkOpArray). –  merlin2011 May 13 '14 at 4:49
merlin you are a genuis! I am just to tired Been at this Python all day and just missed a step and reused my regex variable value in my code. And kept doing it and doing... –  Seth May 13 '14 at 5:02
I'm glad that fixed the problem. I will write it into an answer, for more permanence. –  merlin2011 May 13 '14 at 5:05

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When you write PkOp = PkOpArray you have just changed your regex into a list.

If you delete that line, and change your print(PkOp) to print(PkOpArray), it should fix your problem, assuming the rest of your code is correct.

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