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I am trying to animate a cube (i wish there was a function for cube along the lines of cylinder() ) moving in 3d space. It has both rotation and translation. While I succeeded in animating, the axes seems to be scaling dynamically. I would like them to stop. I want to fix the axis limits. i want the axis to be constant from the beginning to the end.

I am new to animating. I got a piece of code from the internet that demonstrates animating demo prog : http://pastebin.com/fbv9gDS2

I edited that so that I can animate a cube. but then i ended up with an animation where the axis was continuously changing.

edited prog: http://pastebin.com/k3cEm4Fq

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code for the function cube that draws a cube and returns the handle : pastebin.com/muCQ4rpT –  bvk May 13 at 5:36
you can just set xlim, ylim, and zlim after every draw call. not necessarily the most elegant, but it will work –  SchighSchagh May 13 at 5:55
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You can fix the axes by using the axis command with specific limits. For example

axis( [-2 2 -3 3 -4 4] );

sets the axes limits for 'x' in the range -2,2, for 'y' in the range -3,3 and for 'z' in the range -4,4.

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I tried. It did not work. can you please look at the code and tell me where i am going wrong or where to insert that line? –  bvk May 13 at 13:08
The example i previously had worked fine. can you please take a look at the code and point out what makes the axes change in the cube program and not in the example? Moreover, If i retained the shape/drawing but made the path bigger, setting bigger limits for axes worked well. but changing the shape to a cube corrupted the axis settings –  bvk May 13 at 13:15
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