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I am trying to remove the front character of a NSMutableString and have tried:

    [str setString: [str substringFromIndex:1]] ,
    [str deleteCharactersInRange:NSMakeRange(0,1)] 

and a few others. These two either remove every character or every character except for the one I am trying to remove so for example if I have the String "-2357" and am trying to remove the "-" then I get just the "-" when I should get "2357".

Am I doing something wrong, and how can I fix this?

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Show actual code that you think is misbehaving along with logging of the inputs and outputs. –  Ken Thomases May 13 at 6:47
Both lines do remove the first character in the string, so what is your real code or question? –  Martin R May 13 at 7:00

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instead of:

[str subStringToIndex:1]

Do this:

[str subStringFromIndex:1]
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Ya sorry I mistyped I fixed it in my post –  user3631142 May 13 at 6:45

If you want to remove first character of the string you can use this:-

string = [string substringFromIndex:1];
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If you want to use the deleteCharactersInRange method, do this

NSRange range = {0,1};
[str deleteCharactersInRange:range];

Or, you could use substringFromIndex like so:

str = [str substringFromIndex:1];

Contrary to what you are saying, [str deleteCharactersInRange:NSMakeRange(0,1)] should work fine, I don't know why that is not working.

[str substringToIndex:1] will return the string from the beginning to the index 1, which is -. What you want is substringFromIndex. And as this method returns a NSString, you will need to assign it to str; just calling the method on str is not enough.


Using the deleteCharactersInRange may pose problems for some type of characters. For more information refer to this a question here.

Instead, you can safely use

[str deleteCharactersInRange:[str rangeOfComposedCharacterSequenceAtIndex:0]]
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I have tried this, it removes all characters from my string and I am left with an empty String. –  user3631142 May 13 at 6:49
@user3631142, log the string both before and after. I bet it's not what you think it is. –  Ken Thomases May 13 at 6:51
@aksh1t, it's dangerous to remove characters by just assuming they're stand-alone and independent. I recommend [str deleteCharactersInRange:[str rangeOfComposedCharacterSequenceAtIndex:0]]. –  Ken Thomases May 13 at 6:53
@user3631142 I wish to disagree with you on this. Both of these methods are working perfectly fine. You should try logging the strings before and after like KenThomases suggests. –  aksh1t May 13 at 6:57
@Ken Thomases : Thank you for the pointer. I stand enlightened. :) I will edit my answer to update this. –  aksh1t May 13 at 6:58

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