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After upgrading my site from 1.4 to 1.8 I am unable to send order email from the admin panel.

When a new order is placed the customer receives the order email, but when I try to re-send the order email from the admin panel The order email has been sent message displays but neither the customer nor the admin gets the email.

I switched on logging and tried sending the order email, but nothing logs. Has anyone experienced this issue or found any solutions?

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Just been looking into this myself. I've followed the code and functions back to this function "public function sendNewOrderEmail()" in:


starting at line 1270 is the following code:

$emailSentAttributeValue = $this->load($this->getId())->getData('email_sent');
    if ($this->getEmailSent()) {
        return $this;

This is checking the sales_flat_order db table to see if the email has already been sent to the customer and if so just to return, but this does not send the email and should throw an error. So I would say it is a bug somewhere. To fix it so you can resend order/invoice emails etc..





and comment out line 1273

if ($this->getEmailSent()) {
            //return $this;

Works a charm for me. But literally only this second tested it.

Tested using ver. 1.8.1

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Great it works fine. Thanks for the solution. :) – James May 20 '14 at 5:11
Spot on, had the same issue on CE 1.9.0 – odd_duck Jul 15 '14 at 8:54
+ 1 For using the local folder. Thanks, this was causing quite a headache. – KPheasey Nov 21 '14 at 20:59

I also struggled with the problem of order e-mails not being sent in CE 1.9.1 but found the problem after a while:

As of Magento CE 1.9.1 Magento doesn't send order emails directly during the order process. Instead the mails are queued and are sent by the cron. So make sure to configure the Magento cronjob properly.

Also refer to:

http://www.magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/ee1141-ce191-responsive-email#cron http://www.magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/ce18-and-ee113-installing#install-cron

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