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We want to follow One class per file rule in .NET? Is there a way to check this in a continuous integration system? We're using teamcity, but i guess the product doesn't matter.

Can this be checked by resharper, or is it possible to check this with a unit test(Without parsing files myself)?

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That's something that works well in code review. Don't let any code pass with more than one type in it. –  John Saunders May 13 at 7:43

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I think you can use nDepend to check that there's more then one class in each file

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ReSharper has a refactoring called Move Types into Matching Files that you can apply on the whole solution, if you need to, and that would put each type into a separate file, with the exception of inner types, of course.

Let it be said that I disagree strongly with the one class per file rule.

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I'm aware that i can move a class into a new file by resharper, but i did not find the option to do this for the whole solution –  Manuel May 14 at 7:31

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