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Hi is there a way to Add the Height of the Dock targer and the current dock item after End docking

I have tried to set both the itemheight of the Element but is seems its not changing the main Panel ( Please See Attachment for Example)

This is my XAML Code for this

<dxdo:DockLayoutManager DockItemEndDocking="asdas1231">
                <dxdo:LayoutGroup Caption="LayoutRoot" Orientation="Horizontal" ItemWidth="250" AllowClose="False">
                    <dxdo:LayoutGroup Orientation="Vertical" ItemWidth="250" Name="aaaa" AllowClose="False">
                        <dxdo:LayoutPanel Name="Panel1" FloatSize="100 100" Background="Black" AllowClose="False">
                            <Grid Name="Grid1">
                                <DockPanel >
                        <dxdo:LayoutPanel Name="Panel2" FloatSize="200 200" AllowClose="False">
                            <Grid Name="Grid2">


enter image description here

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