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I'm recently working on a project where I have classes written in C++ and a website which is written with HTML5 and JavaScript. Now I want to have data from the C++ program sent to the website. Which way is the best to solve that?

I was looking around for AMQP, WebSockets and JSON. But I didn't get how I can use them and what is the best for this problem and how I can use these technologies.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day everyone!


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I recommend to use the C++ webtoolkit Wt (pronounced Witty), at http://www.webtoolkit.eu/.

This framework (with integrated application server) lets you design web applications in terms of widgets and signal/slot connections, and leaves much of the web cruft in the hands of the library. The resulting applications are object-oriented, strictly typed, and perfectly maintainable. The library autodetects the browser's capabilities and uses the proper way to render the site, avoiding browser bugs.

Wt is written in a modern C++ style, which doesn't need to lead to memory leaks and other mishaps that have always been associated with C++ applications. C++ is as good as any other language around. It is not a matter of performance, it is a matter of style.

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I think that is not what I'm looking for exactly. I just have to transfer data from a C++ program to the website which has JavaScript. I don't need to program a whole new website. I just want to get a connection between these two parts and send data. –  user3631575 May 13 at 9:06
Thank you. That is something I can work with. How do I setup a connection? Do I have to install a server between these two JavaScript and C++? –  user3631575 May 13 at 9:18
You'll need a web server. –  Chankey Pathak May 13 at 9:20
I'd suggest to go for Wt. You can use existing website with some modifications. webtoolkit.eu/wt/examples/hello/hello.wt –  Chankey Pathak May 13 at 9:21

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