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I am trying to make ES work with Neo4j and I followed the steps you said on the documentation. The thing is that I am having difficulties getting the connection done. ES doesn't has the values of NEo4j.

When I check for indexes on the ES the "_river" index is well created but some errors appear when i do:

curl http://localhost:9200/_river/_search?pretty=true&q=:

Here is the error:

{"error":"NoClassSettingsException[Failed to load class with value [neo4j]]; nested: ClassNotFoundException[neo4j]; ","node":{"id":"2rDeNA46SJ63jYFlpoGfKQ","name":"Zip-Zap","transport_address":"inet[/]"}}

When i get all the indexes from ES

(curl http://localhost:9200/_aliases?pretty=1)

I get:

  "_river" : {
    "aliases" : { }

Do you have an idea about what is the problem?

PS: the version used was the 1.1.1

The error is:

NoClassSettingsException Failed to load class with value neo4j nested: ClassNotFoundException neo4j

Complete response: http://p.shrib.com/lsfnzF3H?v=nc&s=m

Thanks in advance

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I got the same error, and I think the installation instructions are missing one step:

Download "elasticsearch-river-neo4j-" from Click here and copy it to "HOME_DIRECTORY_OF_ES/lib" folder.

Doing this and an elasticsearch restart solved it for me.

Found at: Examples about Integration of Elasticsearch with neo4j

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