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I have some urgent requirement to have batch script for the below requirement.

I have log file under below directory (actually multiple directories with different names under E:\TIBCO)

E:\TIBCO*\6.0.0\LogFiles with Spotfire.Dxp.Automation..

I need to get perform below steps with the batch script

  1. move (copy & delete) all the files that are with Spotfire.Dxp...* (ex Spotfire.Dxp..1.) from the above paths to E:\TIBCO\logsArchival\rotatedDir

  2. zip all the files that are older than 60 from E:\TIBCO\logsArchival\rotatedDir to E:\TIBCO\logsArchival\ArchiveDir

  3. delete the zip files that are older than 120 days from E:\TIBCO\logsArchival\ArchiveDir

all the above steps need to be written to the logs.


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What is your problem with this batch script? What have you tried and where do you get stuck? –  VMai May 13 at 16:06

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Please take a look at these links, where your requirement has been addressed before: MS Dos Batch delete old files in directory and Batch file to delete files older than N days
You can easily customize those scripts to accomplish the remaining compression of the files. Please note, that in DOS the compress command is COMPACT. Use COMPACT /H for usage information.

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