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I'm searching everywhere on Google and find a few hints that it's possible.. But is it?

So i have one QR-Code, scan this with the Passbook app and than it adds multipe passes (event tickets). Or do they need to be scanned in all seperate?

If possible, do you maybe have a example JSON code?

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Where have you seen the hints? The QR scanner expects a single PKPASS file to be returned by the URL contained within the QR code, so I don't see how more than one pass could be returned. – tomasmcguinness May 13 '14 at 11:08
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The Passbook App scanner will only allow you to add a pass if ALL of the following are true:

  • The QR code contains a URL
  • The URL scheme is https and the server certificate is valid and can be authenticated (I.e not self signed)
  • The URL returns a Content-Type header of application/
  • The URL body contains a single .pkpass bundle

Adding multiple passes via the Passbook App scanner from a single QR code is currently not possible. The only way to add multiple passes is via your own app using the addPasses:withCompletionHandler: method of the PKPassLibrary class.

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