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I need to replace all occurrence of some regular expression in xml file with proper values loaded from property file. As example

  • in xml file I have < port=${jnpPort}/>
  • in property file I have port=3333

I want to have xml file with entries like < port=3333/>

Now using

<replaceregexp match="\$\{(.*)\}" replace="${\1}" flags="g" byline="true">
        <fileset dir="." includes="file.xml"/>

I get pretty much the same <port=${jnpPort} />. I would like value of ${jnpPort} were read from property file.

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<replaceregexp match="@< port=\${jnpPort}/>@" replace="@< port=$(port)/>@" flags="g" byline="true">
        <fileset dir="." includes="file.xml"/>
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You just use copy with a filterset

<filterset id="version.properties.filterset" begintoken="$" endtoken="$"> <filter token="jnpPort" value="${port}" /> </filterset>

<copy file="file.xml.template" tofile="file.xml" overwrite="true" > <filterset refid="version.properties.filterset" /> </copy>

Okay, not quite copy in place, but pretty good.

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Ok thanks. It will work and I have tried this, but I am looking for something more generic. I do not want to define values which should be replaced but it should be based on regular expression. For example in one file there will be different number of < port=${something} /> combination. And I would like that ${something} will determine which value will be set from property file. –  user284367 Mar 2 '10 at 12:34

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