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I started learning IOS development a month ago. Normally, I use a single View Application in order to develop my IOS application.

Now, I just need to test some features in objective c like polymorphism, encapsulation and inheritance. However, I don't know which xcode template I should use for that.

Could you help me please?

Sorry for this rookie question


In other words, I don't want to test those features on an IOS application. Instead, I need a template like the one you would recommend to a new c++ student.

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Single View or any template are just fine! –  Nhon Nguyen May 13 at 11:25
Dear Thanh-Nhon NGUYEN, Thanks for your comment. I would prefer a template in which I don't need to fire the simulator every time I need to check something. Isn't there any simpler template? Thanks in advance –  Carol Smith May 13 at 11:25
When you say TEST do you mean Unit Testing or you just want to run your application and print stuff to the console? –  Popeye May 13 at 11:33
Dear Popeye, thanks for your comment. I need to print stuff to the console –  Carol Smith May 13 at 11:43

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Check below links. It will help to study all beginning level tutorials.


and for objective C testing. you can use commend Line tool.

enter image description here

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Dear PREMKUMAR, thanks for your answer. By commendline template, did you mean Command Line Tool or Cocoa Application? Thanks in advance –  Carol Smith May 13 at 11:34
I told Commend line tool. Its like our Terminal. –  PREMKUMAR May 13 at 11:40
Dear, Many thanks. –  Carol Smith May 13 at 11:47

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