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I'm writing a scheduling application in Java using Quartz. I'm using the CronTrigger, but my cron expressions are entered into a database before they are scheduled and are based on user input.

Is there a way I can verify that the cron expressions are valid when I capture them? I'd rather do this and give the user an appropriate error message than wait until the scheduler is run and I get a ParseException when I try and create the trigger. Which could be days after the user inputs the data.

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Can't you simply create a trigger without actually executing it? You could simply give appropriate feedback in case of a ParseException. If the expression is okay, persist the expression to DB.

Edit: or simply do this:

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Note that the validity as checked by this method doesn't guarantee that an expression will work. E.g. isValidExpression("0 0 12 1/2 * MON-FRI *") returns true, but at runtime it throws UnsupportedOperationException: Support for specifying both a day-of-week AND a day-of-month parameter is not implemented. – Jonik Sep 26 '12 at 10:21

I've modified the following code added by @ph4r05 to generate a regex as well; here's the regex:


Here's the java code:

private static String cronRegex = null;

public static String getCronRegex()
  if (cronRegex == null)
    // numbers intervals and regex
    Map<String, String> numbers = new HashMap<String, String>();
    numbers.put("sec", "[0-5]?\\d");
    numbers.put("min", "[0-5]?\\d");
    numbers.put("hour", "[01]?\\d|2[0-3]");
    numbers.put("day", "0?[1-9]|[12]\\d|3[01]");
    numbers.put("month", "[1-9]|1[012]");
    numbers.put("dow", "[0-6]");
    numbers.put("year", "|\\d{4}");

    Map<String, String> field_re = new HashMap<String, String>();

    // expand regex to contain different time specifiers
    for (String field : numbers.keySet())
      String number = numbers.get(field);
      String range = "(?:" + number + ")(?:(?:-|\\/|\\," +  ("dow".equals(field)? "|#" :    "") + 

        ")(?:" + number + "))?" +  ("dow".equals(field)? "(?:L)?" : ("month".equals(field)? "(?:L|W)?" : ""));
      field_re.put(field, "\\?|\\*|" + range + "(?:," + range + ")*");

    // add string specifiers
    String monthRE = field_re.get("month");
    String monthRERange = "(?:" + monthREVal + ")(?:(?:-)(?:" + monthREVal + "))?" ; 
    monthRE = monthRE +  "|\\?|\\*|" + monthRERange + "(?:," + monthRERange + ")*" ;
    field_re.put("month", monthRE);

    String dowRE = field_re.get("dow");
    String dowREVal = "MON|TUE|WED|THU|FRI|SAT|SUN";
    String dowRERange = "(?:" + dowREVal + ")(?:(?:-)(?:" + dowREVal + "))?" ;

    dowRE = dowRE + "|\\?|\\*|" + dowRERange + "(?:," + dowRERange + ")*" ;
    field_re.put("dow", dowRE);

    StringBuilder fieldsReSB = new StringBuilder();
    fieldsReSB.append("^\\s*(").append("$") //
      .append("|#") //
      .append("|\\w+\\s*=") //
      .append("|") //

    cronRegex = fieldsReSB.toString();
  return cronRegex;

I'm by no means a regex expert, but at least this seems to work on all the examples given by the quartz documentation

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Maybe that's a starting point:

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Link is broken, can you please update? This is why Stack Overflow discourages link only answers! – Matt Coubrough Nov 28 '15 at 20:00

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