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I now learning BHO, me need write plugin for InternetExplorer, which will be edit values in navigator object, for example property appName. On this page this property not read only. A am use C#. Do you think it is possible to edit navigator.appName and how? Please!, help! Me need this for functional testing my web applications, I am php programmatic and writing BHO very hard for me.

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If I understood you correctly - you need to override read-only properties of Navigator. It can be done without BHO/Plugins but with pure JavaScript code.

If you really need it - you can define a new property on top of the Navigator old property via defineProperty method:

Object.defineProperty(navigator, "appName", { value: "newValue" });

IMO, it's a dirty hack and please think twice whether you would like to proceed with such approach of functional testing.

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