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I have a InnoSetup project that I want to check if the application is actually running before uninstalling it. I tried many ways but it all fails silently when running in Windows 7. For example the following script that checks for notepad.exe process using psvince.dll always returns false regardless of notepad being running or not.

I used psvince.dll in a C# app to check if it works under Windows 7 and it works without any problem so my best guess is that installer can not run correctly with UAC enabled.

function IsModuleLoaded(modulename: String ): Boolean;
external 'IsModuleLoaded@files:psvince.dll stdcall';

function InitializeSetup(): Boolean;

   if(Not IsModuleLoaded('ePub.exe')) then
       MsgBox('Application is not running.', mbInformation, MB_OK);
       Result := true;
       MsgBox('Application is already running. Close it before uninstalling.', mbInformation, MB_OK);
       Result := false;


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I have the same Problem, but the AnsiString did not help me. –  Christian Kuetbach Mar 30 '12 at 10:37

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Are you using Unicode Inno Setup? If you are, it should say

function IsModuleLoaded(modulename: AnsiString): Boolean;

since psvince.dll isn't a Unicode dll.

Also the example checks for epub.exe, not notepad.exe.

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I have the same Problem, but the AnsiString did not help me. –  Christian Kuetbach Mar 30 '12 at 10:38

Inno Setup actually has an AppMutex directive, which is documented in the help. Implementing it requires 2 lines of code.

In the [Setup] section of your iss file you add:


And then during your application startup add this line of code:

CreateMutex(NULL, FALSE, "MyProgramsMutexName");
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You can also try to use WMIService:

procedure FindApp(const AppName: String);
  WMIService: Variant;
  WbemLocator: Variant;
  WbemObjectSet: Variant;
  WbemLocator := CreateOleObject('WbemScripting.SWbemLocator');
  WMIService := WbemLocator.ConnectServer('localhost', 'root\CIMV2');
  WbemObjectSet := WMIService.ExecQuery('SELECT * FROM Win32_Process Where Name="' + AppName + '"');
  if not VarIsNull(WbemObjectSet) and (WbemObjectSet.Count > 0) then
    Log(AppName + ' is up and running');
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You could use this code to check if notepad.exe is running.

function IsAppRunning(const FileName: string): Boolean;
  FWMIService: Variant;
  FSWbemLocator: Variant;
  FWbemObjectSet: Variant;
  Result := false;
  FSWbemLocator := CreateOleObject('WBEMScripting.SWBEMLocator');
  FWMIService := FSWbemLocator.ConnectServer('', 'root\CIMV2', '', '');
  FWbemObjectSet := FWMIService.ExecQuery(Format('SELECT Name FROM Win32_Process Where Name="%s"',[FileName]));
  Result := (FWbemObjectSet.Count > 0);
  FWbemObjectSet := Unassigned;
  FWMIService := Unassigned;
  FSWbemLocator := Unassigned;

function InitializeSetup: boolean;
  Result := not IsAppRunning('notepad.exe');
  if not Result then
  MsgBox('notepad.exe is running. Please close the application before running the installer ', mbError, MB_OK);
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How is this different from this post ? Well, it is. You don't need to assign Unassigned to the objects since they will be released when they go out of scope of the function. And you should check for assignment after you run the query (VarIsNull in the other post). So, the other post is a bit shorter and more precise. –  TLama Feb 24 at 7:18

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