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I have this the html below and in my CSS I write .CommentSection :nth-child(5n)

Instead of every 5th comment box being changed li .Hide is being changed an other elements. How do I make it so only the direct children (always div class="comment") are counted and applied to and not counting its children?

<div class="CommentSection">
  <div class="comment" id="c19">
        <li class="username">a</li>
        <li class="date">3/2/2010 6:14:51 AM</li>
        <li class="link"><a href="http://localhost:1223/u/a#c19">Permalink</a></li>
        <li class="flag">Flag</li>
        <li class="Hide"><a href="http://localhost:1223/u?hide=1&amp;t=8&amp;c=19&amp;ret=/u/a">Hide</a></li>
        <li class="delete">Delete</li>
        <li class="reply">Reply</li>

    <div class="text">
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.CommentSection > :nth-child(5n) or .CommentSection .comment:nth-child(5n)

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Try this:

.CommentSection > div.comment:nth-child(5n)

This will select every 5th DIV with the class comment that is a direct child of CommentSection.

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overspecifying the selector makes it slower, as it needs to be matched on all of its parts... :S –  Alex Gyoshev Mar 2 '10 at 12:35

Try this

.CommentSection .comment:nth-child(5n){

Or more specific:

.CommentSection > .comment:nth-child(5n) {

This should work fine as well:

.CommentSection > :nth-child(5n) {
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