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I would like to concatenate 2 pandas DataFrames, each with time series indexes that may overlap, but also with column keys that may overlap.

For example:

    old_close                                   new_close
             1TM    ABL  ...                    ABL    ANG    ...
Date                                Date
2009-06-05  100     564             1990-06-08  120    2533   
2009-06-04  102     585             1990-06-05  121    2531
2009-06-03  101     532             1990-06-04  123    2520
2009-06-02  99      540             1990-06-03  122    2519
2009-06-01  99      542             1990-06-02  121    2521

I want to merge old_close and new_close to form a new DataFrame that includes all the data in both the DataFrames but excludes all duplicate values on both indices.

So far I do this:

merged_close = pd.concat([old_close, new_close], axis=1)

but this results in duplicate columns (rows when along axis 0) and a MultiIndex.

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Assuming, you want to 'exclude all duplicate values on both indices', this should work

unique_indices = np.setdiff1d(np.unioin1d(old_close.index.to_list(), new_close.index.to_list()), 
                              np.intersect1d(old_close.index.to_list(), new_close.index.to_list()))
merged_close = pd.concat([old_close, new_close]).ix[unique_indices]

EDIT: Updated unique indices calculation. All duplicate indices are dropped now

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Thanks, but the resulting data frame still contains duplicates on the date index. How is this possible? –  nswart May 29 at 15:22
My bad, updated answer now –  user1827356 Jun 10 at 17:09

from the panda documentation:

concat(objs, axis=0, join='outer', join_axes=None, ignore_index=False,
       keys=None, levels=None, names=None, verify_integrity=False)

verify_integrity: boolean, default False. Check whether the new concatenated axis contains duplicates. This can be very expensive relative to the actual data concatenation

Have you tried setting that parameter to true?


I'm sorry, verify_integrity just raise errors if there are duplicates. Anyway you can try taking a look at the drop_duplicates() function.

PS: also take a look at this question:

python pandas remove duplicate columns

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I get a 'ValueError: Indexes have overlapping values:' –  nswart May 13 at 11:55

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