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I'm using the following code to calculate how many pixels the user has scrolled offset from top:

$(document).scroll(function() {
    var scrollTop = $(window).scrollTop();

However, at some points on the site, it just 'pauses'. It says you don't scroll, although I am scrolling. I've tried numerous scripts, but the console keeps telling me the same thing.

This is the site

At this point that's all information I can give, since that's all I found. Hopefully someone can help me! Thanks!

Update - It only pauses around somewhere near 280px for me.

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It doesn't pause for me. I get all down to 5601px –  laaposto May 13 at 11:56
works fine to me –  Lorenzo Marcon May 13 at 11:56
It works fine over the whole page, except for around 280px, halfway when the first 'slide' is nearing the top. –  Sander Schaeffer May 13 at 11:58
@SanderSchaeffer I didn't want to close it, just to point out for duplicate, my bad! –  A. Wolff May 13 at 11:59
Ya fixed it, again my bad! –  A. Wolff May 13 at 12:00
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Removing "overflow-x: hidden" from the body element seems to solve this issue.

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