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I have a "basic" Java app that works somewhat like a server (listens to certain ports).

I want to add a database to the project so that I can interact with certain tables based on the data from the listened ports (basic operations - no alien-technology.

I am looking for a solution to implementing the database into the project so that there is no need of any "help" from outside of the app.In the end resulting and a "portable" app, that can be ran from other operating systems without any prerequisites (installing different services, etc).

I have seen solutions like H2, implementing MySQL services (way too complicated for what I need),Java GO, but I need something far less complicated, like C# and database connection to an Microsoft Acces database.

Any ideas?

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You might want to look into JavaDB or SQLite. Both can be embedded into your application, and can be run fully in memory (no persistence at all) or backed up by files.

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In addition to this correct answer, check out Java Embedded Suite if you are working with a memory constraint device. –  User404 May 13 '14 at 12:07

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