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I have a bunch of spreadsheet data i.e. columnns and rows. I am able to display this in a UICollectionViewController. However each row which is a section is wrapped. How do I display the row cells horizontally with scrolling without being wrapped.

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For Cocoa Application NSMatrix and NSCollectionView is available.

For iOS NSMatrix and NSCollectionView is not available. so you need to create something custom using UICollectionView.

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How do you customize UICollectionView to do the data grid spreadsheet style is what i am asking – user1609590 May 13 '14 at 17:15

You could set the UICollectionView's contentSize using method- (CGSize)collectionViewContentSize. Since you know the size of a cell you could do something like

- (CGSize)collectionViewContentSize
   // Scroll horizontally
   CGFloat contentWidth = self.maxNumberOfRows * self.widthForCell;

   CGSize contentSize = CGSizeMake(contentWidth, self.bounds.size.height);
   return contentSize;


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This wont horizontally scroll the section row cells. – user1609590 May 13 '14 at 17:14

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