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i have following variables in jquery

var uemail="abc@domain.com,xyz@domain.com,gty@domain.com";
var subj="test message";
var text="<b>This is Email Body Text</b>";

i have one PHP file named "email.php" to send email


      $email =$_GET['email'];
      $subject =$_GET['subj'];
      $message = $_GET['text'];;

     if(mail($email, $subject, $message, "From: $email"))
     echo "1";
     echo "0";

what i want to do is

call email.php for number of time i have email address in variable uemail and each time pass email,subj,text to email.php and print result on page that with 10 Sec interval Between each time email.php called.

abc@domain.com (ok)
xyz@domain.com (Error)
gty@domain.com (ok)


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what is your question? –  Natrium Mar 2 '10 at 12:53
@Natrium - What don't you understand about this question? –  user113716 Mar 2 '10 at 13:10

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Here's an alternate approach if you don't want multiple timers running parallel.

    var uemail="abc@domain.com,xyz@domain.com,gty@domain.com";

    uemail = uemail.split(',');

    var interval;
    var counter = 0;
    var check = function() { 
                            if(counter < uemail.length) {
                                // Send email post 
                            } else {

    interval = setInterval(check,10000);
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var n = 1;
$.each(uemail.split(','), function() {
    var data = {email: this.valueOf(), subj: subj, text: text};

    setTimeout(function() {
        $.post('http://.../email.php', data, function(resp) {
            alert(data.email + (resp ? 'ok' : 'error'));
    }, n++ * 10000);

This way you won't have to take care about stopping the interval.

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I think you want a line like this in your javascript: setInterval(function() {$.ajax{url:'url of emails.php'};}, 10000);

That will make an ajax request to the php page every 10000 miliseconds.

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