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I'd be evaluating Open Source SOA solutions. What are the options?
I'm looking for something that provides (possibly) complete SOA stack.

I'd like below features -

  1. BPEL
  2. BPM
  3. ESB
  4. SOA Governance
  5. Good tooling

Right now Glassfish ESB looks like a good option. Are there other good Stacks?

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I got done reading "Open Source SOA" a few months back. It goes over alot of the open source stuff related to SOA and does a good compare/contrast between the various options. I'd highly recommend looking at this.


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I am going through the book and it provides good coverage of above topics in addition to some extra knowledge. Marking this is accepted answer. – Padmarag May 21 '10 at 11:19

WSO2 provides a complete open source SOA stack. And it's the only vendor who provides a complete SOA stack from data to screen, running both on-premise and in the cloud.

WSO2 SOA stack includes...

  • WSO2 ESB
  • WSO2 Business Process Server [BPEL]
  • WSO2 Application Server[Service and Web Ap hosting]
  • WSO2 Identity Server [OpenID,WS-Trust,XACML, OAuth, SAML2]
  • WSO2 Business Activity Monitor
  • WSO2 Business Rules Engine
  • WSO2 Data Service Server [Expose you data as a service]
  • WSO2 Mashup Server
  • WSO2 Gadget Server
  • WSO2 Message Broker
  • WSO2 Complex Event Processing Server
  • WSO2 Governance Registry

You can get more details about WSO2 SOA stack visiting http://wso2.org

Disclaimer : I am an architect working @ WSO2.

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Thanks. I'll check it out. – Padmarag Sep 7 '11 at 7:40

Mule is a very popular open source ESB tool. If Mule/Glassfish provide a lot of functionality you don't really need, maybe a combination of ActiveMQ and Spring Integration is the sweet spot for you.

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I don't think that Mule Community Edition covers the requirement of the OP, nor does Sping Integration and ActiveMQ is more a message broker. – Pascal Thivent Apr 10 '10 at 20:53

I've mentioned several open source ESB in this previous answer but, given your requirements, I'd short list ServiceMix, JBossESB and OpenESB.

I don't have much experience with JBossESB but I received good feedback from trustable sources and I know it has good tooling. OpenESB is definitely a serious candidate (although there is a little incertitude about its future). I don't find the documentation of Service Mix perfect (hard to find things).

So my choice would be between OpenESB and JBossESB (note that they don't cover governance which is actually more a human than a technical issue in my opinion).

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Apache ServiceMix provides an ESB infrastructure that will do SOA in an extremely full featured way. Apache Camel can also be plugged into ServiceMix for enhanced routing and messaging rules.

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I'm seriously looking at Sun GlassFish ESB. Although I'm a .net developer the tooling and examples (and book on amazon) are very good and easy to use. It does not cover the governance but very strong BPEL - For what I want I do not even have to know Java - bonus.

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also installs and run in windows without knowing an Linux voodoo – Simon Thompson Apr 10 '10 at 20:15

Something I have been working for scientific workflows using service-oriented technologies might be useful to you. It's called OMII-UK and the distribution by now contains quite a stack of features. All based on opensource techs (e.g., Tomat, Axis, ActiveBPEL, Eclipse BPEL...). Might be worth a look.

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Progress FUSE (Apache ServiceMix) is an answer to the lack of documentation with pure ServiceMix.

You can use Apache ODE to integrate BPEL.

Good set of tutorials found here:


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