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If I have

class Parent < ...
has_many :children,
         :before_add => :prepare_baby_room
         :after_remove => :plan_holiday

class Child < ...
belongs_to :parent
:after_create => :gurgle_a_lot
:after_remove => :cry

and I want to re-associate a child with a different parent, what's the cleanest way to do it whilst ensuring that all callbacks are called both on the parent side and on the child side?

i.e. i want t achieve something like this

@child = @curr_parent.children.first
@child.update_attributes(:parent_id, @new_parent)

do i just do something like

@child = @curr_parent.children.first
@child.update_attributes(:parent_id, @new_parent)
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I haven't tried it, but I suspect you should just be able to reparent the child:

child = parent.children.first
child.parent = new_parent
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You can try this: child = oldParent.children.first newParent.children << child –  Harish Shetty Mar 2 '10 at 17:59
I think this suffers from the same probems as ive replied to KandadaBoggus reply –  robodisco Mar 3 '10 at 12:19

This should work too:

child = oldParent.children.first
newParent.children << child
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that wont invoke the callbacks in the child class as the child hasnt been created. Also only the newParent before_add callback will be called. What about the oldParents after_remove? –  robodisco Mar 3 '10 at 12:18

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