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I am running Openfire 3.9.3 from source code (in Eclipse), and then build a plugin (using Ant in Eclipse) while Openfire is running. I can see that Openfire auto-reload the plugin each time I build the plugin. The proof is from the log and that the plugin description is updated if I change it in plugin.xml. However, it seems that the Java classes is not updated. For example, when I change some logging text in the code and re-build the plugin (and then Openfire reloads the plugin), the logging text printed is still the old one. It will not be updated until I restart (kill and re-run) Openfire.

Can I have the plugin updated/refreshed each time I build it?

INFO I setup my project based on this instruction

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I've solved my problem by simply removing the plugin (actually it is not the broadcast plugin like in the illustration) from the build path.

Java Build Path settings

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