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I have an array:

var maxSpeed = {car:300, bike:60, motorbike:200, airplane:1000, helicopter:400, rocket:8*60*60}

I want to sort it and convert to FLAT object that will look exactly the same as the array above. Unfortunately after sorting and creating object I get multi-dimensional object:

var sortable = [];
for (var vehicle in maxSpeed)
      sortable.push([vehicle, maxSpeed[vehicle]])
sortable.sort(function(a, b) {return a[1] - b[1]});

function toObject(sortable) {
  var rv = {};
  for (var i = 0; i < sortable.length; ++i)
    rv[i] = sortable[i];
  return rv;

Check console.logs, one is nested the other one is not. I think I have to modify rv[i] = sortable[i] line, but I'm not sure how?

That's what I get now:

0: Array[2]
1: Array[2]
2: Array[2]
3: Array[2]
4: Array[2]
5: Array[2]
__proto__: Object

And what I want to get:

airplane: 1000
bike: 60
car: 300
helicopter: 400
motorbike: 200
rocket: 28800
__proto__: Object



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Sorry, maxSpeed is not an Array but an Object –  Paul S. May 13 at 13:10
Objects internally use hash algorithms to store the keys. So, we cannot explicitly order them. –  thefourtheye May 13 at 13:11
@PaulS. that's a common mistake of PHP devs when it comes to JavaScript –  baldrs May 13 at 13:12
Sorry, my bad, I meant object not array of course :) @Bergi, even if that's duplicate I'm using top-rated answer from original question and it doesn't seem to work as expected (it modifies the original array and makes it multi-dimensional). –  Wordpressor May 13 at 13:15
Try storing you data like this: var maxSpeed = [{ vehicle : 'car', speed : 300 }, ...];. You have objects in an array and you can sort those. –  christian314159 May 13 at 13:15

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What you are looking for is something like this:

rv[sortable[i][0]] = sortable[i][1];

however as it has been pointed out an object cant be sorted the way you want.

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