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I know of JSLint/JSHint, but are there JavaScript static analysis tools geared towards error checking rather the syntactical error?

For example:

new Date(2001, 12, 31) This is generally an error, since month in Date constructor is designed to take 0 to 11

f.apply(arguments) This is generally an error since the first argument of apply is this context rather than arguments.

function One(x) { return 1; } One(1, 2); This is generally an error since you are calling a function with known signature of 1 argument with 2 arguments.

I know what I mentioned are not deterministic, but a lot of the more useful static analysis tools in other languages are not deterministic either. They give confidence rating on the potential error.

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check github.com/eslint/eslint , you can define your own rules. –  mpm May 13 '14 at 13:31

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