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My product works as following:

  1. My application opens notification
  2. My application exits

Now, when the user clicks the notification, my application is opened again. I DONT WANT it. I want that if user clicks the notification - it will just disappear

I found there is a callback for that (and it works)

- (void)userNotificationCenter:(NSUserNotificationCenter *)center  didActivateNotification:(NSUserNotification *)notification
    [center removeDeliveredNotification: notification];

but it works only when my application is running.

Is it possible to implement the behavior I want at all?

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No it isn't possible to avoid having your application launched when a user touches your notification.

The application will always be launched in response to touching a notification and the UIApplicationDelegate method application:willFinishLaunchingWithOptions: will always be called when the application is not running.

Your app doesn't have to action on the notification, but it will be launched.

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