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I have a page layout that I use in my SharePoint solution when I programmatically create a new publishing page. There is an error with one of the web parts that is included in the layout, so that when I am try and create the page, the operation fails. Can anyone suggest a way of debugging the error with the web part?

Thanks, MagicAndi.

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You could attach VS to the process running SharePoint.

Here's some pointers

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confusedGeek, accepted as answer. However, this doesn't help for the case where the web part is failing on a production server and Visual Studio is not installed! –  MagicAndi Mar 21 '10 at 19:46
@MagicAndi, thanks sorry I don't really have a better suggestion for you. The only other thought would be to stick a mess load of logging statements in the offending web part, this would let you narrow it down on production. It's a crappy way to do it, but sometimes that's all you've got. –  Ken Henderson Mar 21 '10 at 22:38

I've had quite a few issues with that too. In my case, SharePoint Designer kept removing the leading / on the XSL file reference property of a Data View web part causing it to fail. Clearly a bug but very annoying.

What type of web part is causing the error? Can you create a page based on you page layout manually?

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