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I have and site made in Orchard CMS. On transferring it to a new server, I get an error on any Multi-tenancy site.

When using Internet Explorer, I get a 500 server error. When using Chrome on the PC I moved it over on, it loads without error. On any other computer, I get errors only on the multi-tenancy sites I create (the core site works fine).

Anyone have an idea as to what may be causing it?

I added the following to web.Config:

    <customErrors mode="Off" />

    <httpErrors errorMode="Detailed" />

However, this isn't giving me expanded details when i connect.

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What OS and IIS version? Have you turned on detailed errors in ASP.NET? What do you see? –  Kev May 13 at 17:28
I'm unable to connect to the server right now. I will update when I can. That server runs....windows server enterprise 2008 without Hyper-V and i think it's using iis 7. –  James Korden May 13 at 17:44
Ok...2008 or 2008R2? Open Control Panel -> System....that will tell you. –  Kev May 13 at 23:54
Check app_data\logs for a detailed stack trace. –  Bertrand Le Roy May 14 at 7:31
Tried to connect again today. Checked file orchard-error-2014.05.14.log in app_data\logs and it's empty. –  James Korden May 14 at 15:44

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