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How could I prevent mentioned plugin's login form from using default layout? I am aware of this question, but that answer doesnt work for me. For starters, there's no signin module in modules dir, probably plugins handle it in different way, I dont know. Just learning symfony. Thanks in advance :)

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If you just want to set a different layout, you need to add a module (just create it manually) called "sfGuardAuth". Inside the /config/ directory for that, change the layout in the view.yml like for any other module. This is explained in:


... under section "Customize sfGuardAuth module actions".

However, if you want to "embed" your login form on another existing page, you could turn the login into a component - which means it uses the existing layout of the page it occurs in.

Component action in a custom module:

public function executeSigninLightbox(sfWebRequest $request)
    $class = sfConfig::get('app_sf_guard_plugin_signin_form', 'sfGuardFormSignin'); 
    $this->form = new $class();

... which like all components uses a partial as its view. The partial now has access to $form like a standard login page. The partial for this would be called "_signinLightbox".

Hope that helps.

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For now its not possible to set custom layout for some sfGuardAuth action via custom view.yml.
This is how I did it.
This is my apps/backend/modules/sfGuardAuth/actions/actions.class.php:



class sfGuardAuthActions extends BasesfGuardAuthActions
    public function preExecute()
        $layout = $this->getActionName() == sfConfig::get('sf_login_action') ? 'sfGuardLayout' : $this->getLayout();
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