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i want to try to program a small shell on my own, because it is a nice way to learn signals. But somehow i have some problems to suspend a process and also continue it later.

execute_command() should be the interesting part, because before i'm only splitting the inputted information.

void execute_command(){

    int status = 0;
    pid_t childprocess= fork();
    int wait_state=0;
    if(arg_list[0] == NULL){

    if(childprocess  <0 ){
        printf(" Could not create childprocess");
    }else if (childprocess == 0){
        int end_state =execvp(*arg_list,arg_list);

        if(end_state < 0){
            printf("Some kind of Error happens here \n");
        }else if(end_state == 0){
        //  printf("Program exited with %d\n",end_state);
        current_process_id = childprocess;
                    last_pid = getpid();

                    /*When i have found a '&' */
                if( WIFSTOPPED(status) ) {
                                        // later for conitinuing the suspended process
                    last_pid = childprocess;
                                        kill(last_pid,SIGSTOP); // edited line of code !
            }while( !WIFEXITED(status) && !WIFSIGNALED(status));

void register_signals(){


void signal_int_handler(int signum){
    printf("[caught SIGINT]\n");
void signal_kill_handler(int signum){

void signal_stop_handler(int signum){
printf("[caught SIGTSTP]\n");

When i press "Ctrl+z" the signal_action execute and print the message from the command signal_stop_handler. But the program is still running in the do-while-loop. Maybe i have misunderstood something.

My test input is : sleep 50

I only want to suspend a process and also continue it later.

Can someone give me a hint?

Edit: i have edit the code, depend on the answer, but it doesn't works

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If you catch SIGTSTP in your program, it won't be suspended. Suspend is its default behavior and it goes away once a custom handler is installed. There is also SIGTSTOP which can't be diverted and suspends the process in all cases.

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So you mean i have to call kill(pid,SIGSTOP) to my Prozess in the signal_stop_handler ? – demonking May 13 '14 at 19:40
i have tried this, but after sending kill(last_pid,SIGSTOP) my process ist still hanging in the do-while loop :/ Maybe i follow the wrong logic? – demonking May 14 '14 at 7:02

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