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I understand that in JavaScript you can write:

if (A && B) { do something }

But how do I implement an OR such as:

if (A OR B) { do something }
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This is by the way not jQuery specific. It's just a Javascript library. Your question is Javascript specific. –  BalusC Mar 2 '10 at 14:41
@BalusC they're virtually synonymous these days :P –  Dolbz Mar 2 '10 at 14:47

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Simply use doublepipe operator that is ||.

if (A || B)
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Worth noting that || will also return true if BOTH A and B are true.

In javascript, if you're looking for A or B but not both, you'll need to do something similar to:

if( (A && !B) || (B && !A) ) { ... }

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Use the || operator.

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if (A || B) { do something }
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|| is the or operator.

if(A || B){ do something }
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Just use ||

if (A || B) { your action here }

Note: with string and number. It's more complicated.

Check this for deep understading:

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This question has been answered four years ago. Does your answer improve upon any existing answer? –  Joe Frambach Jun 27 at 16:04
@JoeFrambach: No. I just wanna make a clearer answer :) –  haotc92 Jun 28 at 12:35
What's the ||: operator? –  Joe Frambach Jun 28 at 15:14
Oh thanks. Sorry for that mistake. Let me fix it –  haotc92 Jun 29 at 2:28

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