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I am trying to write a program that integrate with Oracle Ebs 11i.

So i have am working with a package called BOM_BO_PUB and inside that there is a procedure called Process_Bom and some of the parameters that it is taking are record types and some are table type

    (  p_bo_identifier           IN  VARCHAR2 := 'BOM'
     , p_api_version_number      IN  NUMBER := 1.0
     , p_init_msg_list           IN  BOOLEAN := FALSE
     , p_bom_header_rec          IN  Bom_Bo_Pub.Bom_Head_Rec_Type :=
     , p_bom_revision_tbl        IN  Bom_Bo_Pub.Bom_Revision_Tbl_Type :=
     , p_bom_component_tbl       IN  Bom_Bo_Pub.Bom_Comps_Tbl_Type :=

So, p_bom_header_rec is a record type

TYPE Bom_Head_Rec_Type IS RECORD
  (  Assembly_item_name   VARCHAR2(240) -- bug 2947642
   , Organization_Code    VARCHAR2(3)
   , Alternate_Bom_Code   VARCHAR2(10)
   , Common_Assembly_Item_Name  VARCHAR2(240) -- bug 2947642
   , Common_Organization_Code VARCHAR2(3)

p_bom_component_tbl on the other hand is a table type

TYPE Rev_Component_Tbl_Type IS TABLE OF Rev_Component_Rec_Type

TYPE Rev_Component_Rec_Type IS RECORD
  (   Eco_Name          VARCHAR2(10)
  ,   Organization_Code       VARCHAR2(3)
  ,   Revised_Item_Name       VARCHAR2(240) -- bug 2947642
  ,   New_revised_Item_Revision     VARCHAR2(3)

Now how can i call this package procedure using .NET via Oracle.DataAccess (odp.net)

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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