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I don't understand why I have so long request time for admin panel in Croogo CMS.

Printscreen for home administration panel (debug kit plugin): my timer log

How can I check what exactly causes that as long the page loads? Page view contains few elements, but loaded more than 4 seconds.

Thanks in advance!

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The waterfall timeline shows that the time is spent in the navigation element (affecting the "parent" timer events admin layout and "Rendering View") –  AD7six May 14 '14 at 7:34

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It seems to be taking the longest time in rendering the admin menus.

I've also experienced this and wrote a patch to cache the results. Replace Plugin/Croogo/View/Elements/admin/navigation.ctp with the following:

<nav class="navbar-inverse sidebar">
    <div class="navbar-inner">
        $cacheKey = 'adminnav_' . $this->Layout->getRoleId() . '_' . $this->request->url . '_' . md5(serialize($this->request->query));
        $navItems = Cache::read($cacheKey, 'croogo_menus');
        if ($navItems === false) {
            $navItems = $this->Croogo->adminMenus(CroogoNav::items(), array(
                'htmlAttributes' => array(
                    'id' => 'sidebar-menu',
            Cache::write($cacheKey, $navItems, 'croogo_menus');
        echo $navItems;
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