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I did a project few days back for iPhone but now i want to add iPad xib file. As feature's are enhancing. But problem is that in staring i select iPhone target for xib file not universal project.

So now i want to add xib for iPad's .

I create a new xib file for iPad but don't know how to load this on iPad instead of default xib file which is create for iPhone.

I have been check a lot of other question but didn't find correct answer.Xcode 4 .xib Create iPad Version But its not working for me

M working for Xcode 5 and just iOS 7.0.x

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Did you try to name your xib in this manner: if xib for iPhone is named as name.xib then for iPad set name to name~ipad.xib. In this case iPad version would be loaded automatically when you run application on iPad. –  Visput May 13 at 19:35

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For automatic loading xib for iPad add ~ipad to the name of xib file.
For example:
If name of xib for iPhone version is CustomVC.xib
then for iPad version use CustomVC~ipad.xib.
When you create object of vc CustomVC *vc = [[CustomVC alloc] init]; iOS will automatically choose correct xib file depending on platform (iPhone or iPad) where application is run.

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Thanks a lot . Its working amazingly. I just create a new iPad xib file with same name and just add ~ipad and its working . Perfect –  Android May 13 at 20:03
  1. On the general tab for the target settings you'll find "Deployment Info"
  2. Change "Devices" to "Universal" (You've probably already done this) The first time you do this it should ask you if you want to copy the iPhone storyboard to create an iPad storyboard. Choose the correct answer.
  3. Select iPad from the tabs below devices.
  4. Change "Main Interface" to your new storyboard.
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I am not using story board. Just using simple view's –  Android May 13 at 19:45
Then see Visput's comment about naming and A'sa's answer. Maybe clarify how you're loading your initial view controller in your question :) –  David May 13 at 19:48

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