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Are there any usable implementations of Smalltalk for the .NET runtime?

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There's a project to build Smalltalk on top of the DLR. Unsurprisingly, it's called IronSmaltalk.

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There was Vista Smalltalk, but the project writer seems to have disappeared. It was making good progress, so perhaps one day... http://vistasmalltalk.wordpress.com/

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I'm probably waaaay late to the party, but the link does not exist anymore, fyi. –  feralin Mar 25 '13 at 14:26

Todor Todorov gave a presentation on IronSmalltalk at the ESUG conference in Edinburgh last week.

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There is LSW Vision-Smalltalk, which seems to be a private Smalltalk environment, they claim to support .NET:

"LSWVST has a .NET Integration which enables us to develop our .NET Tools. LSWVST includes now LSW DotNet-Lab a toolset for .NET programmiing. We have created a "pure .NET experimental Smalltalk ( LSWVST.Net )."

you may have to ask privately for a downloadable copy.

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