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I was wondering if there was anyway to exclude specific files,that are inside a dependency (not a transitive dependency), from being downloaded.

I am switching a build from Ant + Ivy to Gradle and this was done with in Ivy before. I ask because I have a single dependency that contains many compiled wsdl jars in Artifactory that we are pulling down, but I do not want to download all of the jars in the dependency.

In Ivy it was setup like:

These 6 artifacts are published to Artifactory in to one directory repo/dep.location/example/7.3/jar.

    <artifact name="foo-1-0" type="jar" />
    <artifact name="foo-1-0-async" type="jar" />
    <artifact name="foo-1-0-xml" type="jar" />
    <artifact name="bar-1-0" type="jar" />
    <artifact name="bar-1-0-async" type="jar" />
    <artifact name="bar-1-0-xml" type="jar" />

This is how I retrieve only two of the six artifacts.

<dependency org="dep.location" name="example" rev="7.3"
    <include name="foo-1-0-async"/>
    <include name="foo-1-0-xml"/>

Currently if I attempt to do something similar in Gradle the excludes are ignored and all six artifacts are downloaded.

compile (group:"dep.location", name:"example", version:"7.3")
    exclude module:'foo-1-0-xml'
    exclude module:'bar-1-0'
    exclude module:'bar-1-0-async'
    exclude module:'bar-1-0-xml'

I am using Gradle version 1.8.

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The things that you are trying to exclude are artifacts, not modules. The only supported way to include/exclude artifacts in Gradle that I'm aware of is by type, which won't help here. –  Peter Niederwieser May 13 at 19:45
This is not supported in gradle. But an alternative is change how you publish to artifactory. Why don't you start publishing individual jar files in artifactory? –  vkg May 13 at 19:55
Alright, thanks. –  bhumphrey May 13 at 19:58
Thats a possibility, but there are a some where around 40-50 services total that are being pre-compiled into the client, async, and xml jars and each with it's own Jenkins jobs and all that good stuff. That is a lot of publishing and extra work. –  bhumphrey May 13 at 20:02

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