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I have found code on github in Go and want to use it as library in my program. Unfortunately, whole code is in "main" package. Is there any way how I can import the code as library without changing that code?

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you can import it as a separate package, something like:

import sth "path/to/your/package"

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[edit] actually @Zeyang is correct, you can rename the package in import, and it will skip the call to main(). However, I'm not certain if you're going to encounter any side-effects, since the go tools are configured via convention, and this isn't quite within those conventions.

No. Fork the repo, and fix it to work as a library, or if it's simple enough, copy the files directly into your main package.

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No, you can't.

Agree with @JimB - fork repo and change it like 'package main' > 'package lib' and import in your code like that:

package main

import L "somelib"

func main() {


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