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The question says it all. Is there any way I can have standard output appear on my terminal screen and get inputted into a file as well?

I use tcsh on Linux.

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$command | tee $output_file

man tee for more information.

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What if my $command is an executable I made with C? I want the results of the printf() functions in my code to display on the terminal and go to the output file. Does tee work for that? –  Joshua May 13 at 20:57
Yup. Anything that goes to stdout gets sent to stdout as well as the file. –  Tripp Kinetics May 13 at 20:58
Well, there is added complexity if you want to do thing like redirect stderr, but in those kinds of cases, I would highly recommend using a Bourne-style shell rather than a C-shell derivative. –  Tripp Kinetics May 13 at 21:00
I'm trying it and it doesn't work. Does it work with nohup? I am also using nohup. –  Joshua May 13 at 21:00
It should. Try it on any different shell. C-shells don't lend themselves very easily to this sort of thing. Perhaps something simple like sh or ksh? Hold on. Installing tcsh. –  Tripp Kinetics May 13 at 21:13

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