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I have a question about the Modernizr.load routine that I can't get to work. This is my code:

            //CDN reference provided by http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/css-javascript-fallback-methods/ | Jake Rocheleau
            load: 'https://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.1.min.js',
            complete: function () {
                if (!window.jQuery) {
            load: [
            complete: function () {
                jQuery.noConflict(); // Block any conflicting jQuery markup from killing the workbench

                jQuery(document).ready(function ($) {
                    DOM Event attachment fix (adjustment made to attachEvent by removing the 'on'-prefix to eventName)
                    There must be a better way to bind events with prefixes?
                    Credit: http://stackoverflow.com/a/1695383/3305017
                    function bindDOMEvent(el, eventName, eventHandler) {
                        if (el.addEventListener) {
                            el.addEventListener(eventName, eventHandler, false);
                        } else if (el.attachEvent) {
                            el.attachEvent(eventName, eventHandler);

                    bindDOMEvent(window, 'DOMContentLoaded', function () {
                            percentage: true

                        verticalCentered: true,
                        resize: false,
                        slidesColor: [''],
                        anchors: ['firstSlide', 'secondSlide', 'thirdSlide', 'fourthSlide'],
                        scrollingSpeed: 700,
                        easing: 'easeInQuart',
                        menu: false,
                        navigation: true,
                        navigationPosition: 'right',
                        navigationTooltips: ['', '', '', ''],
                        slidesNavigation: true,
                        slidesNavPosition: 'bottom',
                        loopBottom: false,
                        loopTop: false,
                        loopHorizontal: false,
                        autoScrolling: true,
                        scrollOverflow: true,
                        css3: true,
                        paddingTop: '0',
                        paddingBottom: '0',
                        fixedElements: '#element1, .element2',
                        normalScrollElements: '#element1, .element2',
                        keyboardScrolling: true,
                        touchSensitivity: 15,
                        continuousVertical: false,
                        animateAnchor: true,
                        onLeave: function (index, direction) {
                            if (index == 3) {
                                $('.progressBarList').each(function () {
                                    progressBar(100, $(this).find('.progressBar'));
                        afterLoad: function (anchorLink, index) {
                            if (index == 3) {
                                $('.progressBarList').each(function () {
                                    progressBar($(this).find('.perc').html().replace('%', ''), $(this).find('.progressBar'));
                        afterRender: function () {
                        afterSlideLoad: function (anchorLink, index, slideAnchor, slideIndex) { },
                        onSlideLeave: function (anchorLink, index, slideIndex, direction) { }

                    $.unbindall = function () {

                    // Kill memory leaks
                    $(document).unload(function () {

When I view the console in Firebug I get this error:

TypeError: $(...).fullpage is not a function. [url]/jquery.fullpage.js [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 20ms]

What am I missing? Why are the resources not loading at all?

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you need to verify the directory location of the file jquery.fullpage.js

the error 404 indicates that this file is not found...

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Wow mate, I just figured it out by this guidance I'd forgotten that I'd downloaded a minified version of fullpage but forgotten to rename it in the resources... now I head on to the next problem. :) –  Kristofer Gisslén May 14 at 5:19

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